Walk for Literacy

The G.O.Y.A. Project at Rutgers seeks to draw together students who have a sense that volunteerism is as much part of our education as formal academic class work. By volunteering side-by-side with people from around the world, and from all economic backgrounds, we learn from each other and sensitize ourselves to global issues. GOYA believes that we are all world citizens who must contribute to world welfare. One of the ways to promote this vision is achieved through their annual “Walk for Literacy” event—held in conjunction with The Global Literacy Project, the walkathon’s continuing partner—the second Saturday of October (International School Libraries Month).

We believe that being able to act locally, such as in providing literacy and learning supplies for children in New Brunswick, New Jersey, can be done as a simultaneous project with providing the same opportunities for children in places such as Latin America, Africa or Asia.

All proceeds will go to support a vision of assisting communities locally and globally.

  • Locally: We plan to provide bilingual books and literacy materials for English Language Learners participating in a “Take Reading Home” pilot in nursery and kindergarten classrooms throughout New Brunswick. We also plan to supply new library books for a junior high school in Roselle, New Jersey.
  • Globally: We are support Dalit school children in South India and the Global Literacy Project’s Africa programs for kindergarten children—especially the support of kindergarten children in the slums of Kibera, Kenya—the largest slum in East Africa and rural schools in a location of western Kenya.

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