Overview of Key Programs

OCTOBER: Monster Mash

This event is fun for all, not just the children who come and visit Rutgers. Monster Mash is an event that Rutgers hosts each year in the Cook/Douglass Gym where many organizations set up tables with different themes and activities for the children. Since one of our main missions is to promote literacy, we usually try to incorporate it in our activity to educate the children. In past years we had a bunch of books donated and we allowed the kids to choose whichever books they would like to take home. It is a night full of excitement and enjoyment in a safe environment for the children to trick-or-treat. Everyone always has a great time because it’s a chance to be creative with your activity and your costume and a chance to forget about class and exams for one night.

Elijah’s Promise bag meal program

Elijah’s Promise is a community soup kitchen that is trying to break the cycle of poverty while attempting to also end hunger in the New Brunswick community. As an organization that encourages students to become educated on the issue of poverty that exists in the town we live in, we proudly volunteer and make a bag meal for those who are less fortunate. The meals we prepare do not involve intense cooking so no need for anyone to about your cooking skills, just some serious peanut butter and jelly skills! This is a fun program as everyone gets together and has a good time bonding as we prepare healthy meals.

December: New Brunswick Children’s Holiday Party

Usually held the second or third week of December.


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