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The Zika Virus Initiative

In 2015, Brazil sampled a test positive for the Zika virus and the Pan American Health Organization issued an alert regarding these findings. Since then, Brazil and many other West Hemispheric countries have reported neurological and developmental disorders associated with its explosive proliferation.

First detected in 1952 in Uganda, the tropical infection is closely related to the West Nile Virus and Yellow Fever. It is characterized by mild, week-long symptoms of fever, headache, rash, joint/ muscle pain, and conjunctivitis. The Aedes mosquito-born Zika virus elicits strong correlations between itself, congenital microcephaly (newborn babies), Guilliain-Barré syndrome (adult males), and pesticides.

(Source: Business Insider)
(Source: Business Insider)

Much research is still being conducted.

Current treatment is focused on relieving symptoms; there is no cure.

The World Health Organization expects 3-4 million new cases in the Americas over the next year. Further, earlier this month, the health agency convened in Geneva in declaration of an international public health emergency.

The Zika Virus Initiative, a subsidiary organization created by The G.O.Y.A. Project, was established to improve access to sanitary and family planning resources within the Western Hemisphere. Further, the committee seeks to provide monetary and/ or material donations, collaborate with grassroots and campus (Rutgers) organizations, and hold a fundraising/ donations drive.

With warm regards, The G.O.Y.A. Project welcomescafe de colombia their first partner, C.A.F.E. de Colombia, with whom the organization has entered into a joint venture partnership with. C.A.F.E. de Colombia is a student-led organization that has pledged life-long service to The Republic of Colombia.

In concert with their joint partner, C.A.F.E. de Colombia and many more cosponsors, The G.O.Y.A. Project hopes their efficacy within the West Hemisphere will be as prosperous and gratifying as their efficacy within West Africa, the Caribbean, and the United States.

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9 Days and Counting…


Its about that time! Our 14th Annual Walk For Literacy is just around the corner! Spend some of your Saturday morning giving back to the local community in New Brunswick as we pass out books to kids during our walk. Take a peek at the video below to get a glimpse of what last year’s Walk For Literacy was like:

Fun right?
So be sure to spread the word and bring plenty of friends as we give back to the New Brunswick community and beyond!
Hope to see you all October 3rd!
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First Meeting!

Tonight and monday join us for our general body meetings at Scott Hall Rm 115 9:30pm. We are diving into the semester with multiple events and service efforts. See you there!

Update: In our first meeting we interacted with new members and drafted potential programs to organize this semester.  We’re tackling health and wellness education, high school outreach, and immigration and community issues. Please join us and take a stand as we execute these throughout the semester.

Welcome Back! We’re Ready For A Great Year.

Youth Activism


Rutgers College students founded the G.O.Y.A Project for the express purpose of teaching other students the value of service to others through volunteer projects that have both local and international impact. We challenge ourselves to live up to the perspective that volunteer work is both a practical and an intellectual opportunity to think about other people and to work with and for other people.

The purpose of G.O.Y.A is to act as a vehicle for the Rutgers student body to address the issues of education, health, poverty and inequality on a local, regional, and international level. Within that framework, The GOYA Project will maintain an emphasis on literacy and education.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Help at Our Holiday Party for Community Kids!

This Friday December 13th the GOYA Project plans to throw a holiday party for the children of Youth Empowerment Services (YES), an after school program for the children of New Brunswick, and we need volunteers!

WHEN: Friday December 13th 2013

TIME: 4:30-5:30pm (please be on time as the event only lasts an hour!)

WHERE: Youth Empowerment Services, 270 George St New Brunswick, NJ (One block after Rockoff Hall)

WHAT WE NEED: Activities for the children vary, so we need people for a few different things.

NB_Library_2010_Holiday_Party-wrapping_books-300x225Gift Wrappers: We are going to be gift wrapping books for the children to take home for themselves and to give as gifts for friends and neighbors in their community, so we need volunteers who can neatly wrap books.

Face Painting: One of the activities we wish to do is face painting, so we need a volunteer who can paint simple designs on the children’s faces.

Arts&Crafts: We’re going to have a coloring/craft station for the kids to design simple Christmas ornaments and Christmas cards to take home and hang on their tree or in their window. Volunteers are needed to assist the children in doing this.

Henna tattoos: This inclusion of this activity at the event depends on if any of our volunteers know how to do simple henna designs. If so, please inform us as soon as possible!

Cultural Holiday Celebrations (presentation): To make this event educational as well as fun, we wish to include a short (15 minute) interactive presentation on holiday celebrations from different cultures (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa). For this activity volunteers are needed to present and engage the audience using visual aids.

Before the event all volunteers and members of GOYA who wish to participate need to meet up for an hour or two Monday Dec 9th at 8pm at Alexander Library (College Ave) AND Thursday Dec 12th to go over individual responsibilities. All those interested please send an email to Elsa at with your phone number/contact info at your earliest convenience.

Thank you!

-The GOYA Project

Hundreds of kids celebrate the 10th Annual Monster Mash with GOYA Project

This past Friday October 25th, the GOYA Project participated in the 10th Annual Monster Mash at Rutgers University. Monster Mash is a safe alternative trick-or-treating event for elementary school children from New Brunswick, Piscataway, Highland Park, and other surrounding areas. Along with giving out candy, Monster Mash is an opportunity for student organizations at Rutgers to promote their cause and give back to the community. Hundreds of student organizations set up tables with activities and give aways for the kids, and GOYA was no different. This year our table was a coloring and construction station where children could cut, glue, and color tombstones any way they wanted. Needless to say, things got pretty messy!

Supplies for Monster Mash
Supplies for Monster Mash

Student volunteers worked on assisting the children with their activities and keeping things under control throughout the day. We also gave out handbooks to the parents of toddlers and first graders that emphasized the importance of reading at a young age. The children had a great time expressing their artistic ability and eating candy, and the volunteers had a great time putting smiles on their faces!

Kids at Monster Mash design their own tombstones
Kids at Monster Mash design their own tombstones

We’d like to thank Sam and Massah for helping set up everything so well!


Walk-for-Literacy is Saturday, October 12th, 2013

Hello folks!

We are working hard towards our walkathon but we need your help! Please spread the word! If you can reach out to your social media contacts that would make a tremendous difference!

2013 Walk for Literacy
2013 Walk for Literacy

Detail about the walkathon and registration materials are here: