Rutgers Women Transforming South African Classrooms

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Africana_House_grp-Soweto_signImagine studying geography without a map or learning about economic migration without a window into the  country right next door to you. For many students in the townships of South Africa, social studies is very abstract but an excited group of Rutgers University students, members of the Africana House of the Douglass Residential College are transforming a classroom in the heart of Soweto into a social studies room that will connect township students with the wider world. Working alongside local educators and South African college students, the primary school classroom will be repainted, the floor tiled and and the furniture repaired. A variety of media resources will also be installed to create an enriched environment.

The women from the Africana House have been working towards this goal for the past five months. The participated in the Global Literacy Project’s “Walk for Literacy” to raise funding towards the trip and they volunteered in GLP’s New Jersey elementary school reading programs to gain experience.

Thabisile-Social_Studies_room-beforeThe core idea of installing a social studies room at the Thabisile Primary School is actually an outgrowth of GLP’s multi-year School-to-School partnership between Thabisile in South Africa and the Chatham Day School (CDS) in New Jersey. During the 2010 school year, students at CDS conducted several book drives and fund raisers for Thabisile. This included a fundraisers around bead-work created by Thabisile students and parents that was brought back to CDS. In deciding what project GLP should support with the CDS donation, inspiration came from the popular social studies room at CDS.

The project is now underway and by next week we should see a final report with pictures!

Wonderful Plans for the New Year!

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Thank you for working with us as global citizens transforming the world in 2010. We truly appreciate everything you do and are excited to continue our collaboration in the year ahead.

We were so proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary with you in 2010. In that celebration we acknowledged that GLP is about bringing together individuals, institutions and communities to share educational materials and global knowledge as well as providing service learning opportunities for students in the USA and abroad. We are tremendously optimistic about 2011 and we expect to expand and build upon the accomplishments of the recent past.

Just think about what important initiatives you are supporting through GLP…

December Highlights…


Our 2010 “Walk for Literacy” inspired a record large number of participants. We raised funds to support our reading program in 17 kindergarten classrooms across the city of New Brunswick (New Jersey). Inspired by GLP, a group of Douglass College students who participated in the walkathon will be making their first ever trip out of the USA to visit/work in our South Africa sites from January 3rd-14th.

The Shakur family is in South India working with young Dalit women who are striving to better their economic condition by gaining a nursing education. Christina and Milena Lurie are supporting students at the Lady Lynne Joyful Home and associated schools.

NB_Library_2010_Holiday_Party-wrapping_booksIn St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Nicole Baker, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education oversaw distributions of books as part of our holiday book give aways.

In New Brunswick, New Jersey, members of the Rutgers African American Alumni Alliance came out to help at the New Brunswick Library Holiday party.

The Steele family helped to ensured that we were able to distribute books to 17 kindergarten classrooms for the holidays. They are also important supporters of our annual shipment of a container of books to South Africa.

Meryl_with_RPS_studentsMeryl Ironson continues to foster the classrooms connection program between New Jersey’s Bragg School and Randfontein Primary School in South Africa. The two classrooms just received their latest pen pal letters!

Lily_Combias_in_discussionThe Combias family joined us on December 22nd in South Africa to host a holiday party and book give aways at the Zuurbekom school where they previously helped to install a GLP science room.

In Kenya, Olubayi is hosting a holiday party in Western Kenya.


Capacity building and service learning…

Denise_and_Dean_VanechOur sincere appreciation to Denise and Dean Vanech, who have been wonderful members of our extended family, and who have supported our vision to expand and transform our administrative structures so that we might better document our program model as well as developing the capacity to support/expand our service learning opportunities for students.

Denise and her daughter Christina have been important to the development of our “From Shacks to Scholarship” initiative in South Africa and Christina’s brother Nicky helped to support the School-to-School initiative between the Tabisile Primary School in Soweto and the Chatham Day School in New Jersey.

Capacity building is going to be our mantra for 2011. As such we are grateful to the following wonderful people who are ongoing stalwart supporters of key regional programs.


Our sincere thanks to: (L–>R)  The Steele Family: Mike &  Jane Steele shown (New Jersey, Caribbean and South Africa); Christina and Milena Lurie (South India); Fountain Baptist Church Members: Shirley Hill, Joe & Jeanette Goodson shown (Kenya)…

Summer 2011 Learning Expeditions & Internships

A_De_Leney-2008-Reading to kids on street Kendal-passport_styleAnne DeLaney (in red sweater at left) and the DeLaney-Carver family will be leading another group trip to Randfontein this 2011.

Kendal Hall (at right) is working with Juanita Lewis on a Global Learning Expedition made up of alumni as well as present students from Rutgers University.

Also in South Africa, we will be hosting interns from Princeton University, Hobart and William Smith Colleges and Rutgers University for six to eight weeks in July August.

  • Olubayi will be in Kenya all of July 2011 developing our two to four week internship program in Western Kenya.
  • Ka’sandra Simmons will be leading a pilot internship in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for the summer.

The above are just scratching the surface of 2011!

Have a great new year and we look forward to your boundless participation!

And it wouldn’t be the end of the year if we didn’t ask you to think of GLP as you plan your charitable giving.  We are a non-profit organization, dependent on our supporters for sufficient operating funds to keep these programs going.  You can be a HUGE part of GLP  by donating money, your time, your talents, and your energy….there’s plenty to do!


From all of us at the Global Literacy Project, Inc.

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