Global Citizens and High Literacy Clusters

The aim of the Global Literacy Project, Inc. is unique in that we seek to create a truly self-sustaining culture of reading by creating High Literacy Clusters (HLCs) wherever we are working.  Our numerous activities–from shipping books to the service learning opportunities we provide for individuals in the USA and abroad–are all part of our mission to establish HLCs, which can then serve as springboards to engagement with reading and thereby offering the promise of attaining greater developmental goals in lagging regions/countries.

Magara (2005) describes a reading culture as one where reading is highly valued and appreciated in the society and where reading is regarded not simply as something developed for school purposes but something practiced in all aspects of our lives. What then can be done to nurture this “culture for reading” and what can we do to contribute to the development of positive reading habits?

Sanders-ten Holte (1998) and Cruz (2003) suggest that to create a culture for reading within a given society, it is necessary to improve the reading environment in the home, the school and the community at the same time, while improving the image of reading so it is more than simply school-focused.

A key component of the above are our Global Citizens… people from all walks of life and from around the world who create an enabling environment for the next generation of readers. These are  some of their stories.

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