Bragg School Community Book Drive Kicks off 2010-2011 Initiative

Bragg_school_book_drive-kids-poster-2010To kick off their 2010/2011 “School-to-School” partnership with the Randfontein Primary School in South Africa the Bragg School fifth grade has initiated a school wide book drive, where they will collect, sort, and box books.  The focus of materials will be on the collection of dictionaries and gently used or new books geared primarily towards kindergarten through 8th grade.  This community book drive by the 5th grade will culminate in a book packing and sorting day on December 4, 2010.

The 2010-2011  initiative between Randfontein Primary School and the Bragg Intermediate School continues and deepens a “Classroom Connections” relationship begun in October 2008. Bragg School 5th classes have been paired with an age leveled class in South Africa. One of the primary goals of this relationship for Bragg students is to increase the awareness that while they are students of Bragg, they are also citizens of the world.

Bragg_5th_Grade-SA_wallThe faculty of the Bragg school believes that as educators it is important to help students develop a better understanding of the world. Through this relationship, their students will compare governments and develop an appreciation of other cultures while embracing good citizenship by reaching out to those in need.

These “connections” will weave through the Social Studies and Language Arts curriculum by blending reading, writing and social studies global awareness. The children of Randfontein Primary School will understand that their “friends” in America connect them with another part of the world. They (in South Africa), too, will develop a better understanding of the world in which we live through cultural exchanges and share literature lessons, becoming citizens of the world.

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Jefferson-Houston Students Showing Global Citizenship by Donating Books

Two students participating in the Book Drive: School Librarian Langina on left and Teacher Sheri Gilma on right

Three students participating in the Book Drive; Alongside them are School Librarian LaGina Gross on left and Occupational Therapist Sheri Gilman on right

Jefferson-Houston School students in Alexandria, VA are showing their global citizenship by donating books to support the building of school libraries in South Africa through the Global Literacy Project. The book drive is the motivational activity for the school’s upcoming Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) theme, “It Takes A Village.” The RIF book distributions for primary- and middle-school students will be held Oct. 20 and 21. Link>>

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